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Best Photograph Solution.

We established in 2010 over 10 years of operation, we have a lot of experience in the field of Furniture Photography. Our clients are mostly foreign enterprises and we have clients worked for more than 10 years.

Through the development process, we realize that 3D technology has been brought to a more realistic level. We are a pioneer in Vietnam that combines real images with 3D images in the most realistic way.

Moreover, our quality and competitive prices is the main factor to bring us more clients. You’ll be pleasure of using our Furniture Photography and Services.

So using our photography service is your best solution  !


Kelvin Hoang.

[ company strategy ]

Our Philosophy

Our first philosophy was "Good picture for everyone !". You do not have to spend too much money to have photos for business. We can produce beautiful pictures at a low budget.

"Good photo for everyone !"

The second philosophy is "Applying technology". Why can't we create vivid and modern lifestyle photos using computer technology? It offers diversity and cost benefits.

"Applying Technology"

Third philosophy "Customer satisfaction". It is convenience that saves cost, time and produces good results.

"Customer satisfaction"
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[ Our strengths ]

Why choose Us ?

1/ Excellent image quality !

All images were taken with dedicated cameras. 50Mp resolution. Images are formatted according to customer requirements.

2/ Years of experience.

We services associated with the most professional and quality for +10 years.

3/ Realistic CGI background option.

Our CGI room scene images are the most realistic and natural. You will be amazed by this.

4/ The most competitive prices.

Philosophy that everyone has beautiful images, we create projects with the lowest cost but still perfectly beautiful.

5/ Mobile Studio available.

Our teams can setup a portable studio at your site or manufacturing facility to do the shooting.

6/ Easy and flexible services.

Just book a day. We will schedule a photo shoot for you even of urgent jobs.

7/ No pre-payment.

We do not need to pay before the job is completed, unless it is too costly.

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