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Our CGI room design starts with a concept that is reflected in the lifestyle of the client where you can sell this furniture and we need to put it in that scene. It is possible to make a room more interesting, attractive and mordern, You will save a lot of expensive costs for taking photos in real locations.

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In the scene, we bring characteristics of the natural world into built spaces, such as greenery and natural light, or simple decoration for highlight your product. We have dozens of libraries of rooms to choose from. All styles from Modern, Classic, Scandinavian, Industrial, Country … They all look real & natural perfectly make you indistinguishable.

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CGI is the inevitable trend of the times. They are excellent in simulation and design. We do not need to spend too much money to build a magnificent room that CGI will do with extremely low cost. With a team of skilled craftsmen and years of creative experience, we believe that our CGI quality is better than our competitors.


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Why Choose Our CGI Room Scene ?

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How's Workload of CGI Project ?


Photo shoot

Photo of the real product.


CGI work

Development CGI roome scene on the computer.


Photoshop work

Post-production to combine real photo and CGI scene.